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Chairman Message

KDIA is making diversified efforts for further development of Korea Dairy industry and Health improvement for all Korean people.

협회장 정수용 대표사진

Welcome to KDIA Website!

We deeply thank all our customer and related dairy industries for encouraging and supporting the
further development of Korea dairy industry and hope your family has wellness and good luck in
the future from our heart.

We live in rapidly changing situation. Along with the situation, KDIA makes effort to deliver more
prompt and accurate information and to establish mutual informatoin sharing system. We hope our
website will be utilized as a useful resource for dairy industry.

We still look for your unchanging trust and support, and we also promise do our best for development
of the dairy industry as well as we have done since our foundation in 1978.

Thank you.

협회장 정수용 서명


  • 남양유업 매일유업
  • 야쿠르트 빙그레
  • 푸르밀 비락
  • 연세우유 건국유업
  • 삼양식품 롯데푸드
  • 동원F&B

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