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KDIA is making diversified efforts for further development of Korea Dairy industry and Health improvement for all Korean people.


  • 2010~
    Mar. 2, 2015
    12th inauguration of chairman(Chung, Soo-Yong)
    Mar. 5, 2015
    11th inauguration of chairman(Park, Gun-Ho)
  • 2000~
    Feb. 24, 2009
    10th inauguration of chairman
    (Lee, Kyu-Tae)
  • 1970~
    Aug. 28, 1978
    KDIA Registered to Seoul District Civil Court
    Aug. 18, 1978
    Establishment permitted legally by Mifaff
    Jul. 20, 1978
    The First inaugural meeting of KDIA held
    1st inauguraion of chairman(Choi, Young-Kyu)

Functinos are

  • To encourage steady growth of milk industries and Dairy farming
  • To Increase consumption of dairy products, and to perform a certain role of the national policy to improve physical standard through new diet.
  • To increase common profit in collaboration with KDIA member, as well as contribution for the dairy farmers' stable finance and protection for all consumers from dairy related hazards.

Business Area are

  • To supply necessary information for the technical improvement of the Dairy processing and safety and Dairy farming.
  • To extend services for the dairy products quality improvement and the dairy industry rationalization.
  • To make efforts to stabilize stable raw milk balance and proper milk basic price for KDIA member.
  • To increase of total milk market size through the publicity activities and advertisement on Milk Nutrition, Value, and Integrity.
  • To survey and monitor all dairy related papers and news, and publish dairy magazine periodically
  • To introduce all resources needed to import and export dairy products and ingredients to the domestic market and foreign countries.
  • To cooperate and exchange all information between related agencies in Korea or foreign countries.
  • To serve on agency business requested by government.


  • 남양유업 매일유업
  • 야쿠르트 빙그레
  • 푸르밀 비락
  • 연세우유 건국유업
  • 삼양식품 롯데푸드
  • 동원F&B

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